Welcome to Lake Community Bank.  Since 1905, our bank has proudly served our community with a particular emphasis on the small business owner.  Our Vision is simple:  Where Relationships, Results and Community Matter.

Our Lake Community Bank team has prided itself on working Together with individual clients and business owners from all different types of industries to tailor financial solutions that meet your financial goals and make things Better – hence our tagline “Better Together”.  Despite our size, our experienced and knowledgeable team members deliver products, services and technologies every day to our clients so they will be successful in today’s competitive marketplace.  We pride ourselves in getting to know our clients very well, and in turn, they trust us to deliver the services they depend on.    

While its true most banks sell similar products, we work hard on differentiating ourselves from the competition by providing exceptional service.  We believe we do this better than anyone as we have tenured team members with broad based knowledge in the areas that matter most to our clients.  Being local, we have decision makers that can react quickly to a client’s needs and we retain the flexibility to customize plans specific to ones needs.  Our commitment to you is that our team members will work extremely hard to take the hassle and stress out of banking so you can focus on what you do best - running your business. 

Banking is very competitive and we compete against banks of all sizes.  We welcome competition because our clients benefit when banks compete.  Our team members will work hard to earn your business because we strongly believe we have a lot to offer and we have countless banking partners who provide us that confirmation every day.

As President, I am deeply proud of our team members and our rich history that is embedded in our local community and beyond.  We have countless client relationships who have been our banking partners for 30+ years.  We continue to seek new business and individual relationships.  If you are someone who places a high emphasis on local and timely decision making, financial solutions that are flexible and tailored to your specific need, and value team members that you can trust to get things done, then look no further as Lake Community Bank is right for you.  We truly look forward to serving you and creating a lasting relationship.

Warm Regards,


Brian Peters
President & CEO

 Brian Peters